Oh no, not this again.

We’ve all seen this image. It’s usually captioned with a quippy line about user experience vs. user path. It sticks in your head. It gets rave reviews on Linkedin.

It’s also the truth.

The tool you are most comfortable using, is the tool your mind always sees.

Here’s a short…

(or: Understanding the Real Potential for The Internet of Things)

For the last several years, the prevailing conversation around IoT has largely centered on breakthrough consumer products like Nest, Echo, and Home. Though these products have seen considerable success and brought IoT to a more mainstream consumer, the real world of IoT has been building for close to a decade.

Where IoT is Thriving

The first publication of an ongoing tech newsletter I’ve been circulating privately for the last few months. Enjoy.

“The future is weird, good luck out there!”

The Good Stuff

Apple Bends to China’s Will

As you well know, China keeps a pretty tight grip on the internet. Last week the Chinese government coerced Apple into wiping all VPN apps off the app store in China…

And why Google Home is going to win over Amazon Alexa

A few years ago I found myself in the living room not looking at a screen.

I was not on my phone. The television was off.

Instead, my wife and I were sprawled on couches and chairs listening to…

The best companies have spent the last decade investing in their digital capabilities, becoming more powerful and adaptable organizations.

In many ways, the last few decades have been defined by the rising new breed of disruptive startups. Emerging technology has empowered a massive amount of new innovation experimentation in businesses…

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